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Effective family engagement can improve all aspects of a child’s development from birth throughout their school years. Maryland Families Engage provides resources designed for educators, child care providers, families, and community members alike to facilitate the best possible experiences for all children.

Browse resources by popularity or by topic below, or filter through all the resources. New topics and resources are added regularly, so check back to find more materials to share with families and inform your practices.


Girl looking sad sitting on bean bag chair.
Caring for Homeless Children (Tip Sheet)
National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness
As an early care and education provider, you may already be serving families with young children who are experiencing homelessness ...
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Little girl hugging a woman.
Give Every Child a Home At Head Start
Office of Head Start
If you know a family with young children who is experiencing homelessness, call a program in your area to find ...
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A woman sits with a child on her lap in an embrace in black and white
Determining a Family’s Homeless Situation
Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center
Goal One of the Maryland Early Childhood Family Engagement Toolkit states Family Engagement Initiatives Should Promote Family Well-Being.  Use this presentation ...
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Preschool Under the Mckinney-Vento Act with children sitting at desks.
Is My Early Childhood Program a McKinney-Vento Preschool? (Flowchart)
School House Connection
For many young children experiencing homelessness, remaining in the school of origin provides their only access to preschool; when children ...
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Adults surrounded by children.
American Education Week 2019 Sample Parents Day Invitation Letter
National Education Association
Customize and distribute this letter to parents and families inviting them to participate in "National Invite Parents to School/Program Day." ...
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Young children with backpacks and American Education Week calendar.
American Education Week 2019 Parents Day Certificate
National Education Association
Customize this certificate to honor parents' and families' participation in American Education Week 2019 Parents Day! Celebrate their dedication and ...
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